Been adding little revisions (usually called out as such) to various model detailing pages. As noted previously, a wealth of new info on all three versions of the Enterprise has come out, thanks to Gary Kerr’s unparalleled research on the original model for the 1/350 scale kit.

I’ve been working on numerous 1/1000 projects, getting in lots of practice for my eventual 1/350 build, which will be very methodically planned out for the highest standard of accuracy and craftsmanship I can muster.

That being said, I continue to solicit you, my loyal readers, to comb through my posts here and point out any factual errors or inaccuracies. The goal for this blog is that it serve as a one-stop resource for information on the detailing and color schemes of the various incarnations of the Enterprise (and her sisters).

To that end, I also invite anyone with better computer-art skills than I to whip up accurate orthographic drawings/renders featuring the various versions of the ship that call out correct colors and accurate and little-known details. My crude, annotated photos of my (now inaccurate in several areas) 1/1000 models are really just a placeholder for something nice like that. Feel free to contact me or leave a comment if you’re interested.

I really want this to be a one-stop shop. Too many people on too many forums have had too much trouble getting even the simplest questions about the Big E’s details and coloring correctly answered. I’ve been one of them! The goal is to make the most accurate info freely available to as many people as possible. Thanks!


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