Changes, Big and Small

Hello, again!

I’ve been working on freshening up the site’s look. Hope y’all like it.

Meanwhile, I’ll soon be going through the older posts in this blog, and updating certain bits of information pertaining to the detailing of the Enterprise in its various incarnations. A lot of juicy tidbits have come out with the release of the 1/350 kit, and, as noted, I’ve had the pleasure of discussing some of the finer points with Gary Kerr, who has been ridiculously patient and giving in regards to his answering hobbyists’ many questions (and rants).

Although, as I expected, despite the release of the BIG E, certain details are still up for lively debate. On the flipside, a number of old myths have (hopefully) been shattered for good.

Anyway, I’d also like to add some visual guides for the variants of the ship, for easier reference–although I’d rather not use others’ photos and such without permission. Hmmm.

Now that the 1/350 kit is out, I think it will be very useful for people to have the reference materials at hand to replicate the Remastered, “In a Mirror, Darkly…”, et al. variants.

As ever, the 1/1000 kit will surely still be the go-to model for many people–and they’re like potato chips; you can’t stop with just one! I’m pleased that Round 2 will be re-releasing it yet again in the near future, with the added bonus of a 1/1000 Botany Bay!


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