Bigger IS Better!

Howdy, folks! It’s certainly been awhile.

As some who follow this blog are no doubt aware of, I’ve been very active on several forums discussing a certain “little” model that Round 2 recently released:

Misc. 031

I’ve had a fantastic time interacting with kit designer Gary Kerr, learning many behind-the-scenes secrets of the 11-foot Enterprise, and bringing some of my own observations and theories to the table. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Round 2 for producing a fantastic kit that will be nigh impossible to top.

Initially, I’d felt that my intended trio of 1/1000 kits would scratch my Enterprise itch.


So, I decided to go for it, and purchase the 1/350 kit (with all its add-ons). This eventual build (to perhaps be chronicled in this very blog) will (Hopefully? Finally?) be my definitive statement on the good ship Enterprise…if there can be such a thing. But, that’s a long way down the road.

Some may feel that this does not bode well for my 1/1000 project. Well, fear not. I fully intend to finish the 1/1000 Production Enterprise I’d originally set out to do nine (!) years ago, which first led me on this strange and magical journey.

To date, I’ve built no less than thirteen 1/1000 scale STAR TREK models (both official and garage), with no less than seven more underway, two sealed in their boxes, and one total scratchbuild.

That’s quite a departure from wanting to build a single 1/1000 scale model in 2003!

Anyhoo, I’m certainly going to finish my 1/1000 Production Enterprise–now primarily intended as a proof-of-concept for the 1/350 kit in regards to color and detailing.

So, stay tuned, folks.


One Response to “Bigger IS Better!”

  1. I am a 60 year old 1st Gen “Trekkie” and Proud of it! I am proud of You for helping me to FINALLY build accurate models of the big E!!!!
    I plan to use Your site to correct the new Revelle kit. As I love the 1.5 version I believe Capt. Pike turned over to Kirk, I’m also doing a number of the 1/1000 versions as well. Please Keep up the GREAT
    work. Thanks again,
    Your Friend,
    Larry Mager of Fairborn, Ohio

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