All Signs Point to “No”

A quick correction–

When I was building my second pilot model, I took note of the following detail, but somehow completely forgot about it while decaling, and after–right up until now!

For series production, three tiny, slightly jokey bits of signage were added to the 11-foot Enterprise  model. There are two on the lower saucer (“Inspection Door Vent Systems Connection”), and one right under the starboard engine nacelle pylon on the secondary hull (“Tail Pipe Socket Adjustment Access”).

The 1/1000 model kit features these bits of signage on the Production-style decals (40A/39A for the secondary hull, and 29A/30B for the lower saucer).

However, while the “Tail Pipe” sign is correctly missing from decals 39 and 40, they still appear on the second pilot’s lower saucer window decals, 29 and 30A. All available second pilot reference material indicates that the signage was not on the model during that period. So, it had to go!

As noted, I somehow forgot to trim these tiny bits of signage off of my second pilot model’s decals, until now. A few tiny dabs of the base color, and,–bingo! No more signs!






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