Loose Ends, Part Deux

A few more tidbits:

* After much deliberation–and rechecking my resources–I decided to add the nacelles’ faux formation lights to both of my pilot models. I’ve not found any hard evidence that these lights were on the 11-foot model during either pilot, but two factors convinced me of a very reasonable likelihood that they were there:

A) I found photographic evidence that the lights were on the 3-foot model in its original, first-pilot configuration. Since that smaller model  has been something of a Rosetta Stone in terms of figuring out and/or confirming details of the first pilot version of the 11-footer (the blue dorsal, the saucer’s formation lights, etc.), it only makes sense. Both models were derived from the same construction plans, and, aside from some shapes and proportions, are virtually identical–at least in the first pilot.

B)  It makes sense that the non-functioning red/green lights were there for the first pilot, and were then supplemented by the working blinkers in the second pilot. Matt Jefferies was an aviator and an engineer–his design for the Enterprise contains a number of familiar U.S. Air Force elements, the red/green formation lights among them. It would be odd to have left these lights off the 11-footer (but not the 3-footer) until the series’ production revisions to the model began.

REVISION–The faux lights were indeed there during the pilots.

* After checking and rechecking my references, and discussing the matter with other fans, I remain convinced that the dorsal and bolt cover were indeed a blue-ish color in both pilot episodes.

REVISION–This is correct.

* I recently came upon some photos which indicated that the antenna spike on the main sensor/deflector dish might have actually been  a silver and gold/brass/rust mix. In some photos, it looks as though the base of the antenna (and perhaps the round ring near the tip) were silver, while the rest was gold (or perhaps the same color as the dish itself).

Many model builds have sported a gold antenna, or a dish-colored (copper-rust) antenna. A few have had the mixed color scheme described above.

After rechecking photos and screencaps, I’ve come to the following conclusion:

I think the entire antenna is silver/chrome. But, due to either optical illusion, or the shiny antenna reflecting light from the copper-colored dish, part or all of the antenna can look gold/copper at times.

Photos I’ve seen of the Master Replicas studio-scale  replica also seem to exhibit this effect–in some photos, the antenna looks entirely silver (which, so far as I know, it really is), while in others, it looks gold-copper-ish, at least in part.

REVISION–The full antenna assembly definitely appears to have been an aluminum/silver color, not gold or brass.


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