Second Pilot Enterprise–Finished!

Here’s my completed second pilot Enterprise model. This build was much easier and quicker than the first pilot model, which, as noted, was a major learning curve.

Enjoy the photos, and feel free to use them as reference for your own builds!


2 Responses to “Second Pilot Enterprise–Finished!”

  1. Hi!

    I really didn’t know where to leave a comment, you have so much stuff, but I needed to say that your model work and research for it is really quite complete and amazing. Your one of the few people that has somehow made the Polar Lights 1/1000 OS E look like a much larger kit by your level of fine detail. BRAVO! All your versions are amazing and inspiring.

    Also, I appreciated your mention of me and my team at EdenFX when we did our work on the Mirror Darkly episode. Koji did a great build and I spent over a week alone getting the Nacelle Bussard effect to match the original series 11 footer. I would take sequence captures and loop them and since often the effect did not match from episode to epsiode(due to many factors such as simple lights burning out and no one wanting or having the time to replace them before a shoot) I feel I matched it as perfectly as anyone ever could. I say this only because I worked so hard on it and could play both mine and the original side by side and no one could tell the difference (once I had treated the sequence to the original scratches and look of the stock footage). I ,as many, we’re obviously dispointed in what CBS then created for the “final” HD version of the OS E bussards. We bid on the show and Dave Morton, one of our best animators, did a great job reproducing a compromise look between the original film look and the level of squeeky clean CG can get. Unfortunately, CBS really wanted to use there newly created Digital division and gave them the work, even though, as I recall, it was widely accpeted that we had done the best work in terms of reproducing the OS E (Not that ours couldn’t be improved, believe me! We, like many were also under the time/budget constraint). I think CBS did the best they could with there limitations of said time and budget. The Bussards for me are the only real thing that stands out to me. Especially knowing that this is now HD “canon”. Again, CBS had to start over from scratch as they could not use our assets due to the complication of translating the models from one type of animation software to another. So based on that, they really did a great job in a very short time. I’m sure they poured there heart into it like we did. I wish CBS would have given them more time, but such is TV production. Overall, I still enjoy watching how they improved and added small details within the series that made the episodes make more “sense”. Great job by their team.

    Anyway, I think it’s Kudo’s to everyone who worked so hard on all of the shows and there models on this wonderful Sunday afternoon. I love seeing great builds of the original E and discovering new pictures from the past that people have dug up. One big plus with the internet!

    I hope you keep building and I can’t wait to see your next kit!


  2. Thank you most kindly, sir! I am honored by your presence here!

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