Pilot 1.5

In January, 1965, after filming of the original STAR TREK pilot was completed–but before it was submitted to the network–additional test shots of the 11-foot Enterprise model were taken in preparation for the series…if the pilot was to be picked up, that is.

The model was ever-so-slightly modified for these test shots, as Gene Roddenberry apparently insisted on more detailing from the start.

While the modifications were not at all extensive, they do represent a unique transitional look between the first and second pilot versions of the 11-foot model, one which never appeared on-screen. The specific detailing of this version is catalogued here in the interest of being thorough.

To depict the so-called “Pilot 1.5” version of the ship using the 1/1000 scale Enterprise  kit, follow all of the instructions previously posted in regards to the first pilot model, with the following  additions:

* Do not fill the navigation light holes on the upper saucer, and install the clear lights–kit part 32 (the upper lights, at least–it does not appear that lights were yet installed on the lower saucer).

* Apply the black band decals (10A and 11A)  to the upper saucer.

Since only a few rare film clips from the test shots are available, other differences between Pilot 1 and Pilot 1.5 are unknown at this time. It does not appear that the model was wired for illumination, and thus the navigation lights on the saucer were purely cosmetic. Also, the state of the weathering is unclear, although it seems likely that the weathering and painted-on registry markings had not yet been changed at this point in time. 

Although work had begun on improving and detailing the 11-footer, in February, 1965, word came back from NBC executives. The STAR TREK pilot…had been rejected!


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